Sometimes my significant other asks me questions like “Do you love me?”, or “How Do You feel With Me?” “Would you ever get tired of me?” Almost always I give him a simple answer like “Yes I Do” and “know I would never get tired”. I would love to say more, and express my crazed out feelings towards him, but I can’t sometimes. Not because I have nothing to say, I am just not use to expressing my deep thoughts and feelings out loud.

And although I may not express our personal life out in social media like most couples, I prefer it that way. I prefer to drop hints of our lives every so often that it keeps people wondering. Hints that remind others that yes we are still here, yes we are still strong, and still in love with each other. And of course we are not perfect. We have our moments were we bicker towards one another. But being able to communicate and get past those barriers is what makes things great and going.

When it comes towards my feelings towards this man. They are indescribable he is my best friend. The one I can vent about when I have had a rough day, the one I can complain to about my stresses and the one I can discuss my goals with; with honest feedback. He is my personal motivator the one that tells me to “keep it going, you got this!” He has become part of that book and page that involves my family and I can’t picture my life without him next to me.

He is a very amazing man regardless of his hard-headed self. He also has wonderful traits about him that I don’t believe he acknowledges to often. He is Solid and strong on the outside, but he has a gentle heart beneath that I am grateful to have been picked to see that heart of his.

As much as I love thinking about the future and him in it. I rather let god guide the way, in hopes that we will experience all these beautiful things. I must say right now, in this very moment of my life, I am happy to be experiencing the feeling of loving someone. Cause what isn’t love without obstacles.